Why does the water flow slow?

The reason behind this may be the valve is not seated in the correct position. We suggest you to reinstall the filter gently and try in multiple directions. Please kindly note that when you remove the old filter, you need also gently pull it out. 

Why does the filter cause leakage?

This occured since the rubber of the filter is not tight enough or the rubber of the connector on the fridge was worned during longterm usage. If it happens, please contact us for exchange.

Why are there black specks in the water or why does my water taste funny?

Water filter are made from high-grade coconut shell carbon. When the filter ships it bounces around and knocks carbon granules loose from the block. These little carbon granules are called fines. All of the quality filters in the market place require a preliminary flushing to remove the carbon fines. Some systems may need to be flushed more than once. This is especially true if you have scale or lime water. If you go on vacation and do not use your filtered water for several days,  please flush the systems again to remove any stagnant water.

Must the filter be changed every 6 months?

Yes. You must replace the filter every 6 months or 300 gallons. If not, the water flow may reduce or there may be heavy sediment/rust bacteria. Over-used filter will degrade the filtration performance.

Whats the return policy?

We offer 6-Month Return Policy Assurance! Within 30 days counted from the date of purchase, you are free to request return directly from Amazon. After 30 days return window but within 6-month counting from the date of purchase, you are still eligible to initiate a return request by simply contacting us.

Are refrigerator filters for ice makers, too?

YES- YES - the filter is inside the fridge that feeds the water line to the water dispenser and ice maker. I always run about three glasses of water from the dispenser to get the air out of the line and throw the first batch of new ice out of the ice box. 

Does it remove the actual chlorine or just the taste and odor?

YES- the information on products page shows that this product is tested and certified by NSF42 & 372, which reduces 99.06% Chlorine in the water.  Honestly, the water taste after filtration is good, while the filter price is inexpensive.