Icepure UKF7003 Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter Compatible with Maytag UKF7003 UKF7002AXX UKF7002 UKF7003AXX 7003AXXP UKF7001AXX UKF6001AXX UKF5001AXX EDR7D1 [Pack of 4]
  • 💧Certifications- ICEPURE RWF1600A replacement for Maytag UKF7003 refrigerator water filter bears major Authoritative Certifications on markets, such as NSF/ANSI 42 low lead from NSF and IAPMO, European Food Grade Regulations EC-1935/2016, ROHS, REACH, BPA-Free, TUV and Australian Water Mark.
  • 💧Efficient Filtration Capacity- ICEPURE RWF1600A refrigerator water filter replacement for Whirlpool EDR7D1 reduces substances from your water including 99% of Chlorine, THM, VOCs, Particles and all other major impurities.
  • 💧 Premium Materials- BPA-free and food-grade materials.
  • 💧Compatible Models-UKF7003, EDR7D1, UKF7003AXX, PuriClean, WF288, EFF-6014A, WSM-1 & More. 




Purifying and filtering the world since 2001.

ICEPURE products are certified and accredited by authoritative institutions in major countries.

Pure drinking water is fundamental. ICEPURE strives to offer every family with an extraordinary cost-effective filtration solution.

  • NSF/ANSI 42 certified by NSF and IAPMO for reduction of Chlorine, odor for fresh water. NSF/ANSI 42 certified by IAPMO International, in 2021. Certification File No. W-11150
  • Certificate C0304680, by NSF, in 2021. Certificate 12046, by WQA, in 2021
  • NSF/ANSI 372 certified by IAPMO for Low lead material giving you wide range of protection
  • NSF/ANSI 372 certified by IAPMO International, in 2021. Certification File No. W-11152, by IAPMO,in 2021
NSF certification

High Performance UKF7003

Cost Effective UKF7003

LT 800P

High quality

ICEPURE filter removes the major harmful substances in tap water, delivering freshwater and ice, keep every beneficial mineral in your water.


ICEPURE filter is indeed the best value among the best quality filters. It will be a good replacement for LG LT800P to your refrigerator.


Enjoy a real Pleasant shopping experience with ICEPURE.

healthy drinking water RWF1600A

healthy life RWF1600A

happy family RWF1600A

Safe Drinking Water

The human body consists of 70% water. Fresh and pure water helps improve your skin and body condition.

High Quality Life

Pure drinking water is part of a high-quality life.

Happy Family

Enjoy fresh and pure water with your family.

Question 1

Q: Why is the "Change Filter" indicator light still on after the new filter installed?

A:The majority of the refrigerators need a manual reset. Please press and hold the indicator light/filter for 3 seconds to reset the system. Please refer to your user manual.

Question 2

Q: What should I do if your filter cartridge looks different from what I am using?

A: Every brand may have its own design but the key part of the filter should be the same as the filter you are using. Please do try the installation. If it does not work, please tell us for confirming if the filter model is not correct for your refrigerator or figure out what issue you have had and get it solved for you.

Question 3(1)

Q: Do I need to flush the filter after installation?

A: The new filter should be flushed for at least 2 minutes to condition it and discard the first two batches of ice before using. The water filter is made from coconut shell activated carbon block, harmless charcoal residuals and fines can be found in the new filter. The flush process will remove carbon fines out of the system.

Question 4

Q: Do I need to replace the filter every six months?

A:Yes, you must replace the filter every six months or sooner. Filter¡¯s life depends entirely on your local water quality and frequency of use. Failed to replace the filter will cause a reduced water flow or sediment/rust present in water. Over-used filters will degrade the filtration performance and might cause water leakage.


Product Description

Compatible Refrigerator Water Filter Models:


UKF7001,UKF7001AXX,UKF7002,UKF7002AXX,UKF7003,UKF7003AXX,UKF7003AXXP,UKF7003AXXT,UKF7003P,UKF7003T,UKF5001,UKF5001AXX, UKF6001,UKF7001, EDR7D1,Filter 7

Replacement Filter Models:

EFF-6014A, SGF-M07, WF288, WSM-1, Dista DWF-16, Aqua Fresh WF288, AQUACREST WF-UKF7003, UKF7003P, UKF7001AXXP, UKF7003AXXP, UKF7003AXXT, UKF5001AXX, UKF7003T,AQU-UKF7003, 7002, UKF7001, 7001, UKF6001, 6001, 5001, 9511977, 763410342, UKF7002AX, WD-UKF7003, Clear Choice CLCH115, Denali Pure WF-UKF7003, EveryDrop Filter 7, ICEPURE RWF1600A, NuTruFlo NTF-16, OnePurify RFC1600A, Puritas PUR-15, Puriclean UKF7003AXX, UKF7002, 7003AXXP, UKF7001AXX, UKF6001AXX, UKF5001, Tier1 RWF1041, UpStart Battery WF-UKF7003.

Compatible Refrigerator Models:

JCD2389, JCD2389DEB, JCD2389DEQ, JCD2389DES, JCD2389DEW, JCD2389DTB, JCD2389DTW, JCD2389GEB, JCD2389GEQ, JCD2389GES, JCD2389GEW, JCD2389GTB, JCD2389GTW, JSD2789ATW, JSD2789DEB, JSD2789DEQ, JSD2789DES, JSD2789DEW, JSD2789GEB, JSD2789GEQ, JSD2789GES, JSD2789GEW, JSD2789HES, MSD2454GRW, MSD2756DEQ, MSD2756DEW, MSD2756GEB, MZD2752GR, MZD2752GRB, MZD2752GRQ, MZD2752GRS, MZD2752GRW, MZD2766GEB, MZD2766GEQ, MZD2766GES, MZD2766GEW.

Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers" names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only. ICEPURE is an independent brand.